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Portrait of My Children {7/52} | Pleasanton, CA | Bay Area Family Photographer

a portrait of my children…once a week, every week in 2014.

Pleasanton Family PhotographyerPleasanton Family Photographer

Pleasanton Family Photographer

We’ve moved and now I play catch up!

Tornado Toddler: has finally reached the stage of building instead of tearing down!! Much to the happiness of his older brother, they can now build together. I love that he is just so content. Content to play, run around, or snuggle. He can get involved in something and lose awareness of what’s around him. 

E-boy: it’s amazing how when you’re in the thick of life with littles that you sometimes can’t see the end of things. They will never eat without making a mess. Or be able to put their shoes in the shoe basket. Or get dressed all on their own. But it happens. Right under your nose. He’s been dressing himself for years now, can put his shoes away, and often eats just fine without a mess. And now he’s covered in band-aids from his bike, scooter, and other “big boy” toys.;)

Juju: very clingy lately so I’m continuing to master the “I can do everything with just one hand” thing and will relish when she can embrace a rare period of exploration time in between ushering her around in my arms. And the Ergo. It has always been my best friend. 

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