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Maternity Photography Livermore | Pleasanton Couple

Maternity Photography Livermore

Oh, this adorable couple!  I’ve known Megan for what seems like forever when she and her sister took a ballroom dance class through the city with my then boyfriend and I. I’m pretty sure that was in 8th grade. Fast forward to 2009. Megan and another girlfriend show up to our home with supplies to cook supper and then to play board games while I was in labor with our first. I’m sure my hubby thought every moment was a godsend– to have buddies around while I lay on the sofa, scrunched in the fetal position with my eyes squeezed shut during the intense contractions. Not many people you can be comfortable and free around when those babies hit, ya know?

 And now, it comes in FULL circle as Megan and her sweet hubby, Brian are having their first! I like to joke with them that it’s because of my hubby that they got together. He was working temp jobs between positions and Brian was his point person while Megan helped the jobs get filled. They often worked together in filling both needs. But I’m pretty positive it’s when my hubby needed those jobs that sparks really started between those two. Oh, that summer of 2011. I’m sure baby Landon will get an ear-fill once he’s here.;)

These two are just the sweetest, funniest pair. If you ever get the privilege of hanging out with them, Brian will see to it that you’re comfy, fed, and well quenched with great wine. Just a natural host. And you might not leave until well after eleven with Megan’s funny stories and great companionship. Talk about genuine, warm people.  But really, you’re here for that gorgeous glow and baby bump. And there’s plenty of that here…

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