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Below are some commonly asked questions that clients will often wonder prior to their photography experience.


What is the best time to do my maternity session? Typically between 33-36 weeks. The bigger the belly, the better! It also depends upon how you’re feeling during that time– if you are comfortable walking around, etc.

What is the best time do my newborn session? I  like to schedule newborn sessions within their second week of life. This allows you some time to get settled in, learn more about your baby, and get into a good feeding pattern. Unless baby is over 8 and a half pounds, then I like to schedule them earlier as they just seem to grow out of the squishy, moldable period faster. And grow out of my props faster.;) Once you book with me, you’ll be put on my calendar and then you’ll let me know right when baby arrives. We’ll then schedule the actual session! Sessions occur during the week and typically start around 10am.

What kind of newborn style photography do you offer? I offer two different styles of newborn photography as described below.

  • I have been specifically trained in ‘posed’ newborn portraits. This means I have an amazing collection of props, hats, headbands, and blankets that I use to style sessions. I like to incorporate meaningful items into our session, so if there’s something specific about your story, I may try to find something to add to your newborn gallery. I’ll also ask you to fill out a questionnaire to help me style colors for your session. You simply show up with baby! A normal gallery will include baby-only set-ups with blankets and props. It also includes all the sweet details like macro images of hands, feet, and face. And lastly, sibling, parent, and whole family images. Posed sessions last from about 2 hours and have a proofing gallery of about 40 images.
  • I also offer semi-posed ‘lifestyle’ newborn sessions. This is not a documentary style with no direction or posing, but more of a relaxed yet posed session. This typically happens in client’s homes and I simply show up with my camera bag, ready to capture your sweet family. Anything used for the session will come from what you already have. A normal gallery will include sibling, family and parent images with full direction from me. Macro details. And baby-only images swaddled in a favorite blanket or stretched out in a simple onesie. Lifestyle sessions last about an hour and have a proofing gallery of about 40 images.
untitled-4857{image courtesy: heart and seeker photography}

I’m nervous about driving my newborn to your studio. What’s really the big difference between going to you or having you come to us?

The biggest difference in studio vs at home posed newborn sessions is available light. I typically will need to set up next to a sliding glass door or low windows to get the best light possible for baby images. I’m also limited in the amount of equipment that I can bring so blankets, props, and accessories for baby are pre-planned beforehand. And the last difference is the environment around your house for family, parent, and sibling images. They will be different than my studio neutral backdrops. I photograph on living room sofas, master bedroom beds, and sometimes nurseries– depending on the quality of light in each room since I do not bring studio lighting with me. If these are spaces that you’d rather not have in your photographs, then a studio session sounds like it might be a better fit.

How long will newborn sessions last? Posed newborn sessions last roughly 2 hours. This gives us plenty of time to feed, safely pose, photograph and snuggle that sweet baby. I’ve worked with all sorts of babies and am experienced with plenty of tricks up my sleeve to ensure every client gets a full, varied proofing gallery. Clients get to sit back, relax and watch the behind-the-scenes magic.

Still curious about what happens during a typical newborn session? Check out this fabulous video from

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Any lingering questions that aren’t addressed here? Contact me to get them answered!