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East Bay Area Infant Photographer

This sweet family came all the way to my studio from San Jose by way of Russia! I always love having international families come in because their stories are always so fascinating and rich. Mama’s mom was even visiting from Russia and knew no English!! Mom and Dad were fabulous translators and we got a full gallery in no time. Half way through the session, their baby girl woke up and was one of the most alert babies I’ve seen in a long time. But the show must go on and we captured some sweet awake images for them too! Felted bow from one of the favorite felt vendors.

Enjoy some of my favorites from our session!

East Bay Area Infant Photographer San Jose familyEast Bay Area Infant Photographer baby girl wrapped up with a bowEast Bay Area Infant Photographer-7East Bay Area Infant Photographer-6East Bay Area Infant Photographer-5East Bay Area Infant Photographer-4East Bay Area Infant Photographer-3East Bay Area Infant Photographer-8East Bay Area Infant Photographer-9East Bay Area Infant Photographer-12East Bay Area Infant Photographer-11East Bay Area Infant Photographer-10East Bay Area Infant Photographer-52East Bay Area Infant Photographer-17East Bay Area Infant Photographer-18East Bay Area Infant Photographer-19East Bay Area Infant Photographer-53East Bay Area Infant Photographer-15

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Newborn Photographer Berkeley

Check out this boy’s HAIR. It was so full and so amazing!! I felt bad putting hats on it and ended up giving both options to his parents in their final gallery. Ha. He was so sweet though. This boy did a fabulous job sleeping his entire session away and we got some great images! Bear hat by one of my favorite knitters.

Enjoy some of my many favorite highlights below!

Newborn Photographer Berkeley baby boy wrapped in striped swaddleNewborn Photographer Berkeley newborn boy wrapped in stripes and bear hatNewborn Photographer Berkeley-6Newborn Photographer Berkeley-2Newborn Photographer Berkeley-7Newborn Photographer Berkeley-3Newborn Photographer Berkeley-8Newborn Photographer Berkeley-4Newborn Photographer Berkeley-10Newborn Photographer Berkeley-9Newborn Photographer Berkeley-11Newborn Photographer Berkeley-14Newborn Photographer Berkeley-13Newborn Photographer Berkeley-15Newborn Photographer Berkeley-17Newborn Photographer Berkeley-16Newborn Photographer Berkeley-19Newborn Photographer Berkeley-21Newborn Photographer Berkeley-22

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Oakland Baby Photographer

I love these mini milestone sessions so much! I get to see my newborn clients as they grow throughout the year and capture all their rolls and sweetness. I used some of my favorite headbands from here and of course, my ultimate favorite bear hat. That I use every. single. sitter. session. Enjoy some of my favorites– including the pouty face at the end. This baby girl gave the biggest lip whenever she was unhappy. Simply adorable and I’m pretty sure has her parents wrapped around her finger.;)

Oakland Baby Photographer baby girl sitting in wooden bowlOakland Baby Photographer baby girl blowing bubblesOakland Baby Photographer-3Oakland Baby Photographer-9Oakland Baby Photographer-7Oakland Baby Photographer-6Oakland Baby Photographer-4Oakland Baby Photographer-5Oakland Baby Photographer-8

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Santa Clara Birth Photographer

This beautiful birth was quite the redemption story for this Mama as it sounds like her first birth was more than a little crazy. Second babies tend to help out in the area, but not always. This baby girl was welcomed at Kaiser Santa Clara in the afternoon. Mama had husband and her Mom by her side the entire day for support. More about the birth from Mama’s own words…

“[This] was such a different experience going in past my due date. Showered, fed and much more prepared. Once we were in the hospital things happened quickly with medication administration. My obgyn was on-call my first night so we broke my water and expected things to go quickly from there… and they did initially but then things slowed down and my labor stalled for awhile. Once we were back and ready to push I was grateful for the team of nurses and doctors in the room and for my mom and husband at my side. Everyone was supportive and encouraging.

Once baby girl was born, I was in this euphoria of what a “normal” birth is like and being able to hold my baby on my chest and worry about nothing else in the world except her. The delivery room was a much happier place and my birth experience had been corrected.”

Enjoy this sweet birth!

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Livermore Infant Photographer


Oh, this sweet baby boy. Have you ever seen a newborn boy this beautiful? He was seriously gorgeous!! It was such a blast doing his session because I’ve known his Mama for years. And I’m so excited that they booked a grow with me package so I can see him get bigger this year. We kept his session super simple and natural. I got to use my favorite to-go fluff rug. This is how I start out all my sessions. Enjoy some of my favorites from our session!

Livermore infant photographer with a neutral baby boy Livermore Infant Photographer-5Livermore Infant Photographer sweet baby toesLivermore Infant Photographer with baby boy wrapped in neutral colorsLivermore Infant Photographer-6Livermore Infant Photographer-7Livermore Infant Photographer-9Livermore Infant Photographer-8Livermore Infant Photographer-10Livermore Infant Photographer-11Livermore Infant Photographer-12Livermore Infant Photographer-14Livermore Infant Photographer-13Livermore Infant Photographer-15Livermore Infant Photographer-16Livermore Infant Photographer-17Livermore Infant Photographer-19Livermore Infant Photographer-20

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