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John Muir Medical Center Birth Story

 This birth was kind of a crazy one. A crazy one in that it felt like Mama just might be pregnant forever.;)Or at least 3 cm forever. As the photographer and thrice-time-birth-er, I know Mama is fully deserving of major eye rolling right about now since she was the one doing all the pregnant and laboring. And man, did she do it with grace and style. I joined her and dad in the early morning at John Muir Medical Center after walking around being said 3 cm for well over a week. Her water broke {hooray!} so it definitely meant baby girl would join us very very soon. Much to everyone’s happiness and extended anticipation. We attempted to sleep while she worked from 6cm to 10… like teenage girls attempt to sleep during a girl-fest sleepover. Well, us girls did that anyway. Dad was really truly trying to sleep. Sorry, dude!;)

And then after a laborious {yet super short for a first-timer} hour of pushing, sweet baby girl was born. And both Mama and Dad got that beautiful, awe-struck look in their eyes that makes capturing moments like these totally worth it.

Enjoy this birth story!


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Cake Smash Session Costa Mesa

This little guy turned ONE and I was so happy to be able to photograph him and his sweet family. We had a blast watching the little man play and roll his cake around. It was hilarious. Mama wore a beautiful dress from rent the runway. Loved how many beautiful family images we got during that day!

Enjoy some of my favorites from our time together!

Cake Smash Session Costa MesaCake Smash Session Costa MesaCake Smash Session Costa Mesa-6Cake Smash Session Costa Mesa-9Cake Smash Session Costa Mesa-8Cake Smash Session Costa Mesa-7Cake Smash Session Costa Mesa-10Cake Smash Session Costa Mesa-3Cake Smash Session Costa Mesa-4Cake Smash Session Costa Mesa-5

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Baby Photographer Pleasanton


This sweet one came into the studio and I was smitten immediately! I am a sucker for a baby with hair. It’s pretty bad actually. Like, I don’t want to give those babies back. Nothing wrong with bald babies. Heck, all three of mine were. Perhaps that’s why fully-locked babes have such a hold on me– something I never had. Ha! Anyway, this sweet one had a fabulous session and we got lots of adorable props in. We also got some adorable awake images at Mama’s request. Favorite new headband also used.;)

Enjoy some of my favorites from our time together!

Baby Photographer PleasantonBaby Photographer PleasantonBaby Photographer Pleasanton-4Baby Photographer Pleasanton-5Baby Photographer Pleasanton-6Baby Photographer Pleasanton-7Baby Photographer Pleasanton-1Baby Photographer Pleasanton-8Baby Photographer Pleasanton-9Baby Photographer Pleasanton-12Baby Photographer Pleasanton-11Baby Photographer Pleasanton-10

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Maternity Photography Alamo Bay Area

This sweet couple and I are currently waiting for some labor and delivery action.;)It’s great with clients book a maternity add-on with their birth because we get to meet under conditions that make it a bit easier to get to chat than during birth. Ha! This sweet couple was so much fun to work with and were basically up for anything. My Mama wardrobe offerings were utilized once again, and one of my favorite maxi dresses looked fabulous on this Mama.

Enjoy some of my very favorites from our session together! And be on the look out for a birth video with this cute couple so very soon!

Maternity Photography Alamo Bay AreaMaternity Photography Alamo Bay AreaMaternity Photography Alamo Bay AreaMaternity Photography Alamo Bay Area-5Maternity Photography Alamo Bay Area-4Tram_FINAL-7Tram_FINAL-5Tram_FINAL-12Tram_FINAL-15Tram_FINAL-14

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