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SF Bay Area Birth Photographer | UCSF Mission Bay Hospital Birth

SF Bay Area Birth Photographer


It was such an honor to be hired by a fellow photographer for this birth! My client’s third birth and first time without an epidural– what a brave and strong Mama!! The cherry on top was not knowing the gender of this sweet babe. All of this made for an amazing, emotional journey that I loved being a part of. I arrived at USCF Mission Bay Hospital in the late morning and stayed through late afternoon. One of my favorite aspects of this birth was the hospital staff. The staff during this birth was absolutely amazing. The nurse acted very much like a doula. I had never really seen such honoring-to-birth-plan care in such detail before at a hospital. So it was really a treat to be able to witness that. As you’ll see, they tired the list of positions to get that baby out. And each time, moved baby that much closer down. In the end, that sweet babe turned just a bit right in time, in order to smoothly arrive. What a victory that was for everyone in the room!! There was a cousin, an aunt, a mom, and sister in the room with my clients–and they were all cheering on as we waited for that little one to make an entrance. Enjoy this sweet birth story of Mama’s baby number three!!

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