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Birth Story: Jacob Stanley | Bay Area Birth Photography | Washington Hospital Fremont, CA

Another birth story to be added to the bay area birth photography collection! Linaia contacted me just before she hit the half way mark in her pregnancy and we communicated throughout the rest of her pregnancy while waiting for this little guy to arrive. About two weeks before her due date, Linaia emailed letting me know she was already 2.5 cm with just mild contractions. This pattern held for about a week. Then after her doctor’s appointment the following Monday, Linaia called me at midnight to let me know her water had broke and the contractions were coming on hard and fast. So, I packed my car and drove over to Washington Hospital. I have to note that this is the very first time I arrived before my clients. It was really a treat to be able to follow their full hospital experience since I was right there along the ride with them. I suppose that’s what happens when you progress suppppper fast. Linaia was a warrior woman during labor—of course everything was super intense because she was progressing so quickly. She handled the entire process so well and Gerard did an amazing job reminding her to breathe well and comforting her during the short breaks. They were a stellar team. And the sweetest people. Both Linaia and Gerard tried to make sure I was comfortable and had what I needed—ummmm, I’m not the one having a baby here, generous people!!!:)

Little Jacob had the cord around his neck upon arrival so the care-nurse attended to him pretty quickly. They also had to give him some air to help clean out his lungs as you’ll see in their story. My favorite part was when Mama and baby could finally meet. It truly brings tears to my eyes when re-watching those precious moments of reunion. Afterward, Jacob was taken for further encouragement of opening his air way and making sure he was thriving on his own. He would stay in the hospital for just under a week and wow everyone as he quickly proved he was able to head home. Much to the joy and excitement of his sweet parents. Enjoy the story of how Jacob Stanley finally met his parents.

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