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Bay Area Birth Photographer | Sweet Oakland Home Birth

Bay Area Birth Photographer

This was one of my favorite births! So much to love in the one story of this adorable couple becoming a family of three. Their personal midwifery care was by the amazing Birth With Treesa, who funny enough I worked with at the beginning of this same week too. This Mama had contacted me only a few weeks before her due date and everything went so smoothly. I got the call around 5am and quickly headed in around 6:30am. She was 7 cm at that point so even for a first birth, things were moving quickly. Their home was so beautiful and had the most delicious light the entire time I was there. This is actually very rare for home births. Most of the time, I’m working with little to no light available simply because most babies come in the middle of the night or early morning hours before the sun has fully met the new day. So this birth just felt like a real, honest-to-goodness treat for me as their photographer. Enjoy their sweet story!!

{attention: birth related nudity is included in this video. while not graphic in nature, it depicts many aspects of birth in its true nature and may not be comfortable to everyone.}

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